Delivering Globally, Delivering Variety.

Welcome to ZYVA GLOBAL, a distinguished conglomerate comprising premier companies specializing in the manufacturing, exporting, and importing of cutting-edge food packaging and processing machinery, as well as the global export of an array of high-quality FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) products.

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Industry Leaders

Cutting edge technology

Boasting an impressive track record spanning over a decade, we have firmly established ourselves as industry leaders. At ZYVA GLOBAL, we have cultivated a robust presence not only in our home country of India but also on a global scale. 

Functioning Globally

Global Export

Our primary markets encompass the dynamic Middle Eastern nations, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and beyond, while extending our reach into the European and African markets.


Experience the ZYVA GLOBAL difference today. Explore our exquisite range of products and the assurance of doing business with a brand that upholds the highest standards of quality, ethics, and sustainability.

30 years of Excellence

Our Expertise

Food Processing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the creation of top-tier food processing and packaging machinery. A top industrial machine manufacturer in India, we adhere to highest industry standards, delivering innovative solutions.

Global Export of Fresh Produce

With a commitment to quality, we excel in exporting an extensive range of fresh fruits and vegetables. From the lush orchards to your doorstep, our produce is meticulously selected, ensuring freshness and flavor that exceeds expectations.

Exporting Premium FMCG Products

ZYVA GLOBAL takes pride in delivering an exceptional variety of FMCG products, including tea, rice, spices, and much more. Our dedication to sourcing and distributing premium items guarantees satisfaction and quality for consumers worldwide.

Our Pledge to Sustainability

Innovation is not just a byword at ZYVA GLOBAL; it's innovation with a conscience. We take our role in society and the environment seriously. Our team of highly skilled professionals is resolutely dedicated to balancing the unique demands of the food and agriculture export industry with our steadfast commitment to sustainable practices.

Your Trusted Partner in Advanced Solutions

Elevate Your Industry Standards with DXBMACH: Your Premier Partner in Cutting-Edge Solutions and Quality machinery suppliers in Delhi. Under the esteemed banner of DXBMACH, we have proudly fostered a global clientele who entrust us with delivering groundbreaking solutions in the realm of food processing and packaging. Our machinery transcends mere functionality; it elevates production efficiency, product quality, and durability to unprecedented heights. Our unwavering commitment to excellence propels us to engineer cutting-edge machinery that not only redefines the food industry but also sets new benchmarks.

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Global Export

Exporting Excellence in Fresh Produce & Premium FMCG Worldwide

At ZYVA GLOBAL, we have earned acclaim for our prowess in the global export of premium fresh produce and a diverse range of FMCG delights, encompassing the finest teas, coffees, dry fruits, and an array of aromatic spices. Our commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering, and it shines through in every facet of our export operations.

stringent quality standards

Unveiling Nature's Bounty

Our fresh fruits, vegetables, and FMCG offerings stand as a testament to our dedication to quality. We source our produce directly from nature’s bounty, working closely with trusted growers and farms renowned for their unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. Each fruit and vegetable is meticulously selected, ensuring that it not only meets but surpasses the most stringent quality standards.


A Commitment Beyond Business

Our commitment extends beyond business transactions; it encompasses the welfare of our planet and the well-being of communities. ZYVA GLOBAL takes pride in its role as a responsible corporate citizen, actively contributing to social and environmental causes. Join us in savoring the taste of excellence and sustainability. ZYVA GLOBAL is your gateway to the finest fresh produce and FMCG delights, backed by a legacy of trust, quality, and responsibility.